About Us

About Us Ileana and LauraThe very foundation of our company is comprised of two beautiful elements,”Love and Compassion”. Our company believes that neither one could exist without the other. From the very moment we were exposed to the difficulties one may endure while unable to communicate with our loved ones, the 3 Squeezes method was born.

Brought upon to my attention, a friend shared an experience in his life which stayed with me for years. He told me that when communicating the words “I Love You”, he squeezed the wrist of a loved one three times. Many years later, unable to communicate with my own mother, immediately this memory came back to me. My mother was in the late stages of Huntington’s Disease, and one of the things I missed the most, was my ability to converse with my mom and hear the words “I love you”. By applying this method, after a short period of time, my mother was able to squeeze my wrist back; making me aware that she was there. Giving me the comfort of letting me know she loved me back, under the circumstances, this was priceless and meant the world to me.

Almost a decade later, on my Birthday while having our picture taken, my best friend who happens to have been my fathers nurse, squeezed my hand three times. Instantly I had a flashback to a time when my mother was alive. We Immediately started saying, texting and signing off with these words not only to each other, but with my father and her daughter Bella.

A few years ago, my father and I bought a bracelet for Christmas and had “3 Squeezes” engraved on it for Ileana. I never could have ever imagined the impact it would have in all of our lives.
Having lost my father in December 2012, once again together, we were able to apply this “Silent Language of Love”. While he was intubated and unable to speak, we continued to communicate with him through our 3 Squeezes. This was the last way he said “I LOVE YOU” to me, just as my mom did, and with this, It has brought me so much comfort and peace.Subsequently, after a conversation filled with tears, my friend and I gave birth to this beautiful company in hopes to inspire the lives of many others as it has impacted ours immensely. This couldn’t have come at a better time in my life as I have been a caregiver to both my parents for more than half my life and felt as thou I had little to no purpose left. So, with my best friend by my side and Inspired by our own personal experiences, we set out to help anyone who has a loved one unable to communicate on their own or just want a special way to let that person know you love them. By helping to teach people what we learned and giving back is coming full circle as it has blessed us in so many ways. We get phone calls and emails with tears of joy from so many. With this, we have now made it our life’s mission and goal. This will be a dream come true!Furthermore, our mission is to help various foundations by selecting on a monthly basis different ones by using proceeds from your purchases to help those in need. Imagine the beautiful feeling someone would have by receiving one of our pieces as a gift from you, not only are they getting a gift, they are getting a beautiful and lasting message as well. Our jewelry is proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA and represents so many meaningful things.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We ask you to join us with your love, compassion, and on-going support as we spread the word and teach others, regardless of the circumstances, the 3 Squeezes way of saying “I LOVE YOU”!!!

Remember…when wanting to communicate with our loved ones, 3 squeezes simulates the words ” I LOVE YOU” by squeezing the wrist or hand 3 times.

Many Hugs and 3 Squeezes,

Laura and Ileana